First Date Woes…

Writing Warmup for April 4

First Date Woes

The porch light was flickering.

Ditto my hopes for a vibrant social life.

Still, I knocked. Three times.

Silence. Should I have added a fourth? Or would that have been pushy? Or seem too desperate?

Should I have brought my therapist with me?

“Good evening.” Date Enders Images serial killer look reduced

I did a full-body flinch and spun around. “Geezus!”

“I’m sorry. Did I alarm you?”

“Alarm me?! How about scare the–”

He issued a cold, blank stare.

I rolled my shoulders to release the tension. “Do you always teleport on a first date?”

To be continued…


Writing Warmup #137: “You’re on the air! Say something!”

I gripped the microphone and looked at the producer who whirled one hand around the other.

microphone-and-hand cropped

“A hamster wheel?” I thought.

My armpits were spritzing.

Oh-yeahhh! A referee’s signal for traveling.

My thought process? Glacial.

The pounding on the window was one hint.

The scrawled message of Keep it moving!!!!!! on the back of the pizza menu was another.

Geez, though, did he really need six exclamation points?

“So,” I said into the mic. “How ’bout those Yankees!?”