Play takes over…

Another tip from 201 Ways to Arouse Your Creativity.

[My apologies to those who read this when I accidentally posted it on Thursday night.

Sometimes, I’m such a techno-shlub.]

Alison Motluk on New Scientist suggests:

“Be more playful. Horsing around may be better in the long run than hunkering down.”

Horsing around…sounds good to me.

So it was back to toying with some video, audio, and text.



Writers Horoscope December 20: Today, your non-conformist gene kicks in.

SW trooper dolls with Elmo cropped

You break away from the evil empire of ‘the conventional’.
You write Chapter 1 of a cozy romance. You outline an overthrow of an evil intergalactic dictator. You pen a love poem…to pizza.

Even if the Elmo in you stays for a day, savor your departure.

Even better, document and share it. Share it here, even!


Writers Horoscope December 18: You’re on the alert for new material.


Even with other active projects [and possibly because they’re growing a little stale], you keep your eyes and ears open.

I was killing time in a department store yesterday and decided there must be something I could conjure up. And I did…

kohls notes attempt three

The face-tucking seems a little desperate, I admit, but it was first draft material and, come on, don’t tell me there aren’t some people that evoke that kind of reaction. ;->

Writers Horoscope December 17: You have a newfound appreciation…

for literacy.


Got this message in my inbox. I guess it was written well enough to escape the ‘Junk’ folder.

online scam

I have believe that these people didn’t bother to hire a proofreader. [Strikes me as a side hustle opportunity for those with a shaky moral compass.]

I better check with my bank to see if they have temporarily suspend my account.


Writers Horoscope December 16: You revive your notebook habit.


From 201 Ways to Arouse Your Creativity,
one of Joel at Lifehack’s ‘rejuvenating tips’:
Carry a notebook everywhere.



Hey, they’re just notes. But my observation of the uncooperative nature of computers nudged me toward drawing a parallel with some people. Possible subject for a short essay or blog post.

I also like the story possibilities of YouTube alerting a teacher to a student straying a bit from the assigned work.