Writers Horoscope September 24: Flexible thinking will pay off today.

Time for an alternative workspace.

car thrashed

Yes, your own little auto-cubicle.

Attractive, eh?

Stop and think…

Your own food.

Your own music.

Your own companionship.

You can easily move locations if things get too loud.

leaf blower

And you’re in your own little ‘cone of silence’. [Skip to the :40 mark of this video.]

That’s just a start.

Give it a try.

Writers Horoscope September 23: A new affliction sets in today.

comparisonitis silhouettes-77496_1280

It’s called comparisonitis.

Up to now, you’ve been immune.

Not so today.

Some fellow writers have recently bolstered their career, while you’ve continued the daily grind without much acclaim–from others or yourself.

A few questions to ask:

  • How do I define ‘progress’?
  • Am I still making ‘progress’?
  • Am I still energized by this work?

Reap the wisdom on comparisonitis

here: http://storybistro.com/comparisonitis/


here: http://www.abifox.com/suffering-with-comparisonitis-you-need-to-know/



Writers Horoscope September 22: Keep an eye out for new opportunities.


You’re not just a writer of novels or blog posts or weekly columns.

You are a listener. You’re a storyteller. You condense thoughts. You cut through blather and deliver a message. You’re a narrator. You ask the right questions. You catch details most people glide right past.

There is a need for you and your talents.

Take a look here and here. As a great man once said, “Hey, ya never know!”




Writers Horoscope September 20: Revamp your start to the day.

gratisography sprinters stance start the day

More and more research is pointing out the drawbacks of diving into email, the Internet, and directionless apps first thing in the morning. You might consider leading off with any combination of reading, writing, a little mindfulness, and some exercise. [Okay, coffee fits in there somewhere.]

But don’t take my word for it.

Srini Rao homes in on the topic with this article in Medium.

Here also is a quote from his Why Only is Better Than Best: “Once you become aware of how you’re spending your time, you’ll be amazed at how much of it you actually have at your disposal to develop better habits.”

image courtesy of gratisography.com

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