Writers Horoscope-July 9-Day 13

Show flexibility today.

Shake up your cast of characters. [You can’t swing a shady politician without hitting that stale old hard-boiled librarian fencing instructor.]

At least change her planet of origin.

2 thoughts on “Writers Horoscope-July 9-Day 13

  1. Once again, I’m in stiches! Maybe she can be a Betan librarian sent to Barryar like Cordelia Naismith in Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan series. 🚀😎🚀

    1. V!!! You seem to have a gift of characterization yourself. Will have to look into the Cordelia character. I’m actually headed to the library right now. Perfect timing. I just put Cordelia’s Honor on hold.
      But wait! My quinoa is burning on the stove! Why did you send this overinvolving comment? It’s all your fault! ;-?

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